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Growing food to enrich lives


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Growing food to enrich lives

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Sunny Fields Farm

Raising Suffolk and Dorset sheep, Dexter cattle and layer and broiler chickens to provide the highest quality meats and eggs.  Using regenerative practices, our soils, forages and animals grow strong, while each enriches the others.  Using these holistic methods to nourish and grow our ecosystems from the ground up will ensure that our land, grasses and livestock will continue to improve and become more dynamic year after year.

Suffolk & Dorset Sheep

We chose the Suffolk breed for their heavy muscling and high meat quality. The Dorset breef for their maternal qualities and aseasoal lambing. We believe the two combined make the perfect meat lambs. 

Dexter Cattle

Dexter cattle are a smaller, hardy breed that are well suited for our grassfed beef production. They provide lean, tender, fovorful beef, while having lower impact on the soil. They are a perfect fit in our multi-species regenerative ag system.

Broiler & Layer Chickens

Pasture raised, the chickens provide delicious meat and eggs, while also playing an important role in spreading manure and controlling pests in our fields.

Featured Products

Lamb, beef, chicken and eggs, form our pasture to you.


We produce our lamb from Suffolk/Dorset crosses for the finest taste, texture and flavor. We offer variety of cuts and roasts. You can also order a whole lamb and have it cut just the way you like. Lamb is available year round.


The first thing that stands out about our Dexter beef is the flavor. It has a rich beef flavor that you can’t find at the grocery store. Pasture raised and finished, it is the healthy choice in beef.


Our pasture raised chicken is healthier and more flavorful than conventionally raised chicken. Higher in Omega-3s and antioxidants and nutrient dense. Healthy and delicious, we love it.

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