Our Story


We are raising food to enrich our customers,

community and environment.

Our Story


We are raising

food to enrich

our customers,

community and


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Our journey to regenerative agriculture

Thank you for joining us and taking the time to learn more about who we are and what what we offer at Sunny Fields Farm. We hope we get the opportunity to know you.

Our mission is to provide year round, high quality, nutritious food for our community. We will do so regeneratively, through managed grazing which improves our land, soil and environment while providing the best feed for our animals and our customers. Scott and Maria Johnson purchased the farm in 2018 with dreams of building a family farm. They had raised three daughters, Alanna, Holly and Elise, in southern New Hampshire and wanted a place for them to stay connected and continue grow. The dream is becoming a reality as they watch their grandchildren play and learn on the farm and cherish the animals. Being connected to the land, animals and food sources is so valuable. We invite you to join the Sunny Fields Farm family and share in this experience with us.

Alanna has always had a passion for animals. She grew up riding horses and later became a dog trainer. She is the perfect choice to manage the raising and care of our animals, the sheep, cattle and chickens. Alanna provides the daily care of the animals, as well as manages the breeding and birthing of the sheep and cattle, and keeps our farm store stocked and home delivery on schedule. Running the farm and raising her son keeps her busy, but she also finds the time to train and work her Border Collies, combining her passions for farming and dog training.The dogs play a vital role in being able to move our livestock to fresh pasture daily. We would love for you to see our Border Collies at work, Be sure to sign up for our email updates so we can let you know about opportunities to see Border Collie demos and meet our animals.

And I am Glenn. I joined Alanna on the farm in 2020. I’ve been raising cattle and sheep for twenty years, but I love what we are building here at Sunny Fields. Our mission starts with building living, healthy soils, and growing from the ground up. The rich soil produces lush grass which gathers CO2 from the air, feeds the animals and sends organic matter deep into the soil. Our animals are moved to fresh pasture daily, where they choose their preferred diet while returning the best fertilizer to the soil. As the livestock are steadily moved around the pastures, they keep the grass in the vegetative stage, where the grass is most nutritious and continuously sends roots and carbon into the soil. Unlike fields that are tilled or hayed, where the soil is compacted, depleted of nutrients and active roots, and lacking microbes, worms and insects which are so important, our pasture soils are alive. The soil is porous, it’s able to absorb water. This makes it more drought resistant, and it reduces water runoff, keeping our streams and rivers cleaner. The soil sequesters more carbon, keeping our air cleaner. 

We get so excited about this beautiful, complex cycle, where each piece continues to feed and improve the others. We hope you get excited too and join us in growing healthier soils and meats and eggs. If you want to be a part of our mission, join our mailing list and follow us on this journey.

Why Choose Us


We maintain high quality animals by selecting for maternal and muscling qualities. Our sheep are enrolled in the National Sheep Improvement Program.


Our sheep, cattle and chickens are provided fresh pasture daily, always using low-stress handling. Quality of life of our animals is most important to us.


We provide three shopping options for our customers; our Peterborough farm store, local delivery and pick up at convenient drop-off points in Keene and Nashua.

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Alanna Johnson




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Glenn Kopp

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